Ugo, a signposter for learning piano online

Learning piano online sign-poster

Hello. My name is Ugo. I have been excited about setting up this website blog, not just to review the best online piano lessons available but also to signpost people to the best ones. I myself play an instrument  although I am not a professional musician. My daughter has been playing clarinet up to grade 5 for about five years but she has always had a passion to learn piano as well. However this dream was left on hold due to the extra cost and time of training. My son achieved grade 3 in playing the violin after five years. My point is that anyone can learn a musical instrument if they are passionate enough, even if one has no prior musical experience. In the past I had a strong desire to learn piano, but as an adult in a full time job, years of training, effort and money spent on traditional piano lessons would not be conducive to my needs.

So my goal has been to look for an easier high quality, cost and time saving method to learn piano online. I hope this quest helps you guys as well.

Best regards Ugo